This wonderful very rare early 1957 Universal Geneve Polerouter 20360-2 with a pre-patent caliber 215 microrotor movement is truly special. When Universal Geneve first created their 215 microrotor movement in 1956 it was a great engineering achievement. Universal Geneve applied for a patent on their new microrotor design but hit a snag because there was a dispute as to who first invented the microrotor, Universal Geneve or Buren. Eventually Universal Geneve was granted a patent but this only occurred in 1958-1959. This 1957 Polerouter lies in that pre-1958 period where Universal Geneve had not obtained a patent but still sold their newly designed microrotor Polerouters. When looking at this watch’s movement in the pictures you can see “Patended Rights Pending” along the base of the microrotor.

The Polerouter was Gerald Genta’s first smash hit, which he designed for Universal Geneve in his 20ties. The watch features a stunning black patina dial with cross hairs and a Universal Geneve logo at 12 o’clock. The writing “Microtor” is present at 6 o’clock which is a unique feature of the early microrotor Polerouters (later ones include the word “automatic”). The wonderful silver bezel shows hour markers and is a beautiful contrast against the black dial. The case of this Polerouter is the larger version of the two available in 1957 (as denoted by the -2 in the serial #), with this one being the larger 35.5mm diameter. The watch has a blank caseback with no logo, which was also a unique feature of the very early Polerouters (later ones had a logo engraved on the caseback).

The watch has a new acrylic crystal, freshly cleaned original hands and dial, a new solid link bracelet with custom integrated end-links, and a beautiful Universal Geneve Pre-Patent 215 automatic microrotor movement that has been overhauled and restored to OEM specs. This Universal Geneve Polerouter is in beautiful restored condition as per our extensive restoration and authentication process.

This Polerouter features the beautiful Universal Geneve 215 automatic microrotor movement. The beat rate for this watch is 18,000 vph. The watch is 35.5mm in diameter. The new solid link adjustable bracelet with integrated end-links will fit wrists up to 8″ in diameter making it suitable for any wrist size. The dial, movement, crown, and case are all signed Universal Geneve. The serial number and reference is still present between the lugs (usually these are worn off). The caseback and crown have new gaskets, and combined with the new crystal, this watch features mid-range water resistance.

As with all our restored pieces we sell, this 1957 Universal Geneve Polerouter comes with our zero-headache warranty.




Universal Geneve



Watch Diameter



Universal Geneve 215 Microrotor Pre-patent


Automatic Winding





Recommended Wrist Size

6" to 8"

Shock Resistant


Strap Size


Strap Type

Steel Bracelet

Water Resistance

~5 atm

1957 Universal Geneve Polerout...


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