Introducing the 1959 Takano Chateau Superior Guilloché, a luxurious vintage wristwatch meticulously restored by EmmyWatch, renowned for their expertise in luxury vintage watch restorations. This elegant timepiece is a true gem, boasting a rich history as one of the top-of-the-line models from Takano, a distinguished Japanese brand recognized for its high-end craftsmanship during its brief existence from 1957 to 1961.

Crafted in 14k gold 20 micron, this Chateau Superior radiates opulence with its remarkably preserved case, expertly refinished to an immaculate, like-new condition. The standout feature of this watch is its exquisite guilloché dial, showcasing unparalleled intricacy and artistry, a testament to Takano’s exceptional in-house manufacturing capabilities.

Keeping the heart of this collector’s item beating is the Takano 521 19 Jewels manual wind movement, a hallmark of quality and precision. Encased within a generously sized 35.5mm watch face, adorned with gold baton hands, this vintage masterpiece exudes sophistication and charm, suitable for wrist sizes ranging from 6″ to 7 3/4″.

Takano was a short-lived Japanese watch brand that produced high-end Japanese watches from 1957-1961. During September 1959, the Ise-wan typhoon caused damage to Takano’s factory in Japan and the company lost 110 million yen (5 million USD today), by the summer of 1961 the company was insolvent.

This rare historical artifact from 1959 is a true find for enthusiasts of vintage horology, offering a glimpse into the legacy of Takano’s craftsmanship. Restored to perfection by EmmyWatch and accompanied by a zero headache warranty, the 1959 Takano Chateau Superior Guilloché guarantees both style and substance for the discerning collector. Experience the allure of Japanese watchmaking history with this exceptional timepiece, available exclusively at EmmyWatch.






Chateau Superior

Watch Diameter



Takano 521 19 Jewels


Hand Wind






Original Dial

Recommended Wrist Size

6" to 7 3/4"

Shock Resistant


Strap Size


Strap Type

High-End Genuine Lizard

Water Resistance

~3 atm

1959 Takano Chateau Superior G...


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