Here’s something you don’t see every day, a wearable watch from 1947!

This 1947 Omega 30T2PC Military Watch (2383-6) is simply spectacular. Whenever I post pictures of this watch, I always get comments and inquiries as to whether it is for sale, well, now it is! This beautiful watch features a stunning 2 Tone Dial with inlaid metallic strips, an oversized small-second register, and handsome syringe hands. Wow, what a beautiful piece. These 30T2PC watches were some of Omega’s most reliable and best selling watches during the 1940s and were used during WWII.

The watch has a new unsigned acrylic crystal (Omega signed crystals came later in the 1950s), restored original case, unsigned original crown (Omega signed crowns came later in the 1950s), and a beautiful Omega 30T2PC hand-wind movement with bregeut overcoil that has been overhauled and restored to OEM specs. This Omega 30T2PC Military Watch is in beautiful restored condition as per our extensive restoration and authentication process.

A note regarding the dial. In my opinion the dial is probably not original, but I also strongly believe it has not been refinished. The quality of the dial finishing is much too good for even the best dial refinishers today and includes the use of metallic inlays and very accurate typeface, as well, the dial back side is not hand-signed, and in my experience, dial refinishers will almost always hand-sign the back of the dial. My professional assessment is that the dial was most likely replaced at some point with an original/NOS dial from Omega.

This watch features the beautiful Omega 30T2PC hand-wind movement. The beat rate for this watch is 18,000 vph. The watch is 35.5mm in diameter, but wears larger due to its small bezel and large crystal. The included new Barton stitched leather strap will fit wrists up to 8″ in diameter making it suitable for any wrist size. The dial, movement, and case are all signed Omega, and the caseback and case have matching case numbers, showing they are original (usually these are worn off). The caseback and crown have new gaskets, and combined with the new crystal, this watch features mid-range water resistance.

As with all our restored pieces we sell, this 1947 Omega 30T2PC Military Watch comes with our zero-headache warranty.







Watch Diameter



Omega 30T2PC


Hand Wind





Recommended Wrist Size

6.5" to 8"

Shock Resistant


Strap Size


Strap Type

Barton Leather Strap

Water Resistance

~5 atm

1947 Omega 2 Tone Dial 30T2PC


Watch Sold